Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bo Bunny's Prairie Chic - A Review

From the moment I saw this line on Bo Bunny's Blog I was completely and hopelessly smitten by what I was seeing before my eyes!  This was the had to have line of everything that came out during Winter CHA for me!  And when I click post, I'll hit click and the whole line will arrive shortly in my home!


Now on to admonishing the company's who see the west as bucking broncos, rattle snakes, cactus and then have the gaul to put a Jersey Cow in the mix.  A Jersey Cow is a dairy cow not a beef cow.  Don't get me wrong Jersey's are my favorite breed of milk cows.  And don't get me wrong, I think those who own a dairy are amazing individuals.  Their work load in taking care of their herd of cows is incredible to bring you the perfect food, Milk!  I wouldn't know how to run a dairy if you paid me.  Bucking Broncos really irritate me!!! That's rodeo, that's not the ranch lifestyle or any way to train a horse.  If you are a trainer worth your salt then any horse you train never in his or her life offered to even pitch just one time.  The John Wayne movies, Lonesome Dove, etc just ain't (yep used the word for effect) what it's like on a beef cattle ranch of today.  At the same time I understand marketing and common misunderstood perceptions being an agriculture economist.  But I sure won't use those items.  Off my soap box.


Back to Prairie Chic!


The colors, the designs, the use of boots and flowers so reminds me of the country girl I am.  I love more then anything else being dirty from head to tail at the end of a day at the ranch.  Mind you it's a seven day a week job and sometimes a 24 hour day if you have an animal to care for or a cow your worried about her having her calf safely.  And at times not a pretty job when you fight tooth and nail to save a calf's life only to loose the calf.  It tugs at this ranch gal's heart strings in a way that tears are ok to let flow.  At the end of the day a good shower and fresh crisp clean clothes to have that very special husband say, 'We're going on a date tonight.' makes me realize Prairie Chic is that ranch gal's dream of the pretty that exists in everyone of us.


So thank you so much Bo Bunny for bringing the pretty of being a country girl, cowgirl and plan ole ranch hand into my heart!  I truly think this is the very BEST LINE you have created!  Now to line up all those boots of my country girl ranch hand daughter in a row and get that special photo to scrap with this line.  I guess it is my age, I just prefer my solid lacers that became so popular when I was my daughters age!  Oh, and those squared of toes!  Yuck!  Or pointed toes! Yuck!  Give me that softly rounded boot!  


Sure hope the other company's stand up and listen....there's the country gal and country boy who deserves the true west of today!  Including beef cattle instead of dairy!  Why not try a Red Angus or American Angus for a start!  And I own only two American Angus!  The rest are Lowline Angus and Santa Gertrudis with a few Longhorns for Yard Art!

Oh and just the time in this post to invite you to visit our website Flying J&L Ranch.


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Juliana said...

I just love your review of this collection! It is one of my favorites from Bo Bunny this year!!!