Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I love roses!  My favorite flower.  As a member of Delta Zeta my passion was sparked for roses with the Killarney rose as the flower of my sorority.  At our Houston area home I built a rose bed and love caring for the roses.  Most individuals think roses take to much time.  Once planted it takes about 15 minutes a week and 30 minutes the week you fertilize each month for 10 bushes.  Twice a year on the Upper Texas Gulf coast you do a severe prune on Valentine's Day and a minor prune in September to enjoy year round roses.  The no fuss rose are the Knock-outs.  Knock-outs are a Rose for Dummies.  Beautiful plants and one you can enjoy with no fussing.  My favorites are the t-roses!

In 2008 my permanent home became the ranch.  Without me at our Houston area home my rose bed suffered.  I took these photos to document the shape of the bed.  After HLSR I'll be redoing the bed so I don't have the grass problems I have had.  My husband and son don't take an interest in the roses so I'm down to four bushes.  Thus with this layout I named it Neglect.  I liked the colors of the photos to document how frustrating it has been for me.  Yet it is the care of the cattle at the ranch which is more important for me.

The layout was done for Nuts About Sketches #253.  I loved the hexagons in this sketch.  Three weeks ago I placed an order to get some more adhesive from Creative Memories.  As always I took a peek at the rest of the tools.  I love their Patterns for circles and other shapes.  I found the Limited Edition Jumbo Hexagon Pattern and it was a had to have item for me.  My first use of this pattern was to use a partial hexagon in place of the partial circle above the photos.  My hexagon punches from CM came in handy to finish the layout.  I laughed as I pulled the few scraps out I had left of the Crate Paper Brunch line which if I remember right dates back to 2007 or 2008.  It was the first line I purchased outside of CM and I haven't looked back.  I still have a few scraps left for yet another layout waiting in the wings.  The rest of the layout is PB&J and some Bo Bunny Dotted Swiss cardstock.

Stop by and visit Nuts About Sketches and play along with us this week!  Then don't forget to stop by and play along with the Heritage Challenge at ACOT where you get an extra chance to win the gift certificate if you use one of this month's sketches to do your layout!

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