Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cloud Gazing

Whoop two posts in one day!!!  This one is for this month's Imaginisce Blog's Monthly Challenge!  I am so excited about this one!  No red!  Tough to do in the month of love, but hey when your following the rules it's easy!

1. Create a layout/card, etc using the sketch above as your inspiration.
2. Use THREE different patterned papers.
3.  NO RED is allowed on your project.
4.  Theme: LOVE
5.  Remember you must use at least 75% Imaginisce product on your creations.

Here's the sketch!

With a 5x7 photo to scrap I dropped it down so I could build my own thunderstorm going on in the upper right hand corner!  I used papers from the Love You More Collection and Hippity Hop Collections!  I get to see so many things happen around me at the ranch and it reminds me why I love being a rancher.  One week after I graduated with my Masters (Summer 1982) I went through my first hurricane, Alicia.  I've been asked over and over from my urban friends what I would be if I wasn't ranching.  If I had to choose as I think back it would have been meteorology, the study of weather.  Yet when I analyize it the catalyst that sent me down the path to my love of  BAD weather was Hurricane Alicia.  They say you forget the true sound of the wind after seven years.  Yes, at around seven years I stopped waking up in the middle of the night when the wind picked up, but the sound I have not forgotten.  The images out our windows I do not forget.  Feeling the slab of the house vibrating I have not forgotten.  In the late 90's I remember seeing my first tornado up towards Sugarland and I was living in Rosharon at the time at the Darrington Unit.  I had been trained as a storm spotter while I worked at TDCJ.  My second tornado was a storm I chased down the road from the ranch two days before the killer tornado that hit Joplin in 2011.  The next day I had to leave our ranch because of a super cell that produced F1 tornadoes that touched down on TSTC's campus in Waco and the other in downtown Groesbeck.  When I left the ranch I stopped in Groesbeck to pick up a Doctor Pepper and headed south to Thornton where I came out from underneath the cloud deck to see one of the most amazing super cell thunderstorms I had ever seen.  I was memorized and wishing the mesocyclone on the south side of the storm would have dropped a tornado, but it didn't.  And yes our ranch was ok upon my return.

Last week a line of storms developed to the east of us and I sat on the porch after dark watching the light show occurring some 50 miles away.  I got to see my very first positive lightning bolt.  That was so cool!

This is not a picture of the storm that day.  I was so stunned by the shear power of the storm I forgot completely to pull out my camera.  This storm is to the NNW of our ranch about 30 miles in the summer of 2010.  It was popping lightning like crazy and so pretty at sunset.  To even get this photo I had to turn on the flash or the cloud was drowned out.  I added the chipboard key painted with Tattered Angels Pink Lady Glaze to get the exact effect I wanted and to portray that a farmer or rancher is very in tune to weather because we rely on rain to grow your food.  Then the bunny added is to remind me of all the great wildlife I get to see on the ranch including the cottontails and jack rabbits. 

Our ranch just off the peak of the highest hill in the county allows me to truly enjoy my passion for bad weather.  At the same time I am overly mindful of just how dangerous bad weather can be because I have had that hair raising feeling just before a lightning strike.  I head for indoors or the car quickly, but I spend the entire time running from one window to the next to watch the clouds.  Living in Cental Texas allows me to enjoy my passion for severe storms.  And some day I want to do a tornado chase vacation...bucket list!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my layout!

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