Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"So God Made a Farmer"

On Sunday across our nation farmers took notice of a commercial by Chrysler.  A simple ad with beautiful photographs across this nation and the voice of Paul Harvey about farm life.  Even I have recently posted about one of the sentences in Paul Harvey's 1978 Speech to the FFA National Convention.  The web has been alive with the buzz of the Number 1 ranked Super Bowl Ad.

My favorite Agriculture blogs are from my daughter's age group.  The young to middle age 20 something.  Their enthusiasm for farming is just amazing to me.  I know without a doubt that this age a group is ready for the task ahead, to take over the family farm.  They will ensure continued supply of food into the future, just as Paul Harvey spoke to my generation in 1978.  That year I headed off to college with the excitement of studying what I love Agriculture Economics.  Now to share two of my favorite bloggers.

Ryan Goodman is working on his Masters at Univ. of  Tennessee.  He's the founder of the blog  He is also regularly featured on  I started following Ryan when there were few if any Agriculture bloggers.  His blog Sitting in the Pasture inspired me to blog.  Although he blogs less often on this Sitting in the Pasture it's a treat when he does.

Brandy Buzzard is another I follow with her blog tittle Buzzard's Beat.  Bright and intelligent she sometimes brings an amusing perspective to her life as it relates to agriculture.

Crystal Cattle is yet another!  I've followed her blog for at least three years.  She offers so much to information to first time agriculture bloggers via her pages.

Just one more wonderful blogger, Kelly Rivard working as a agriculture digital communicator.  Another bright witty blogger I have been following since she was in college.

I hope you'll visit some of these and other individuals who blog about agriculture and life on the farm.  Farmers bring food to your table each day and many are sharing via twitter, facebook and blogs.  Thank you again Chrysler for making 2013 The Year of the Farmer!

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