Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I just couldn't resist two posts for today!  I must be thinking spring!  This photo was taken an hour or so before one of those amazing Texas Severe Thunderstorms, and it didn't blow away this swarm!

I love the unique things I get to see living on a farm.  I've seen two swarms in my lifetime, the first back in the late 90's on a farm along the Brazos River in Brazoria County.  The second was out my bedroom window.  I just had to have a photo and headed outside to capture the image of the swarm.  From ten feet away I took a few photos. They stayed three days as the scouts looked for a suitable home!

When I received Little Yellow Bicycle's Garden Party I new exactly how to scrap the photo!  And I loved the result!  The difference in the real photo and taking a photo of a is amazing.

There is just one last tidbit of info.....I love being witness to Mother Nature in action!

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