Friday, February 8, 2013

Photos - National Western Livestock Show

I wanted to start this post by thanking all of you who visit my blog!  I'm amazed I routinely hit 20-30 views a day now!  So thank you for stopping by.

Last year after viewing "I Am Angus" tribute video to the National Western Stock Show I could not wait to arrive!  When I did make it just past the Yak's pens I was stunned as I made a 360 degree circle standing in the same spot of the Yards!  Finally I have made it to DENVER!  I took the whole view in with awe at how great it was to be showing at the GRAND DADDY of all livestock shows, the National Western.  It was the last major I needed, and now one of those individuals who can say I've shown at the Big 4!

This year we didn't show.  But I had fun with my new Nikon D3100 camera!  And then not so much fun with the new camera, new telephoto lense and some real frustration!  Of the 50 or so photos I took I probably have a dozen or so I like.  I definitely have to learn and practice!  An I really should have had my other lense!

My favorite is this photo of the People's Choice Champion with her youth owner.  She went on to be Lot 1 in the sale and sold for $5000.  I saw her earlier that morning in the Pens and was smitten.  It was fun to see her go on to win People's Choice.  Thirty six heifers were in this small arena at one time!  Amazing anyone could choose their top three picks.  Lynn and I helped with the votes so Larry vote on our member number.

In the next photo is Lynn, Doug, and Larry talking cattle.  Stretch big Lynn!..She'll die when I scrap this photo!

Below is Rick Dodd, Brian Walters and Larry.  Rick on left and Larry on the right are current American Lowline Registry Board Members.  Brian is a Past-President of the Board.  Talking cattle or politics....probably both.

The next photo is of the main alley in The Yards.  I took it because it's the behind the scenes crew who keep  us going with all the work they do.  Here's one of the maintenance vehicles.  But I also took it because you can see the catwalk coming from the Sale Arena Building and the Stock Exchange Building in the background!  Denver has kept their history alive!

The next two photos.  Another favorite competition of  mine is to watch the herding competition.  The dogs competing are amazing to watch and the vast majority are Border Collies.  I'm always spellbound by the connection this breed has with their human friends and coworkers!  They will pen cattle with quiet skill and ability second to none!

I had so many other great photos that for whatever reason came out fuzzy!  But next time I'm at the National Western I won't have that problem!  I'll have learned to use my new lense!

I hope you have enjoyed the images and stay tuned to the photos I post of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in March!

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